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video/action for violet city;
[ The feed opens to a Shirou staring at a Honedge and making a really confused face as you can hear the moving of gears on the background. How a Kling could operate a camera is a mystery, but it's something that can be discussed later on when he's not having this much of a problem. ]


[ A shake of the head- Blade(?) from the Honedge, it looks like Shirou's trying to name it something. ]

Alright, how about Caladbolg then?

[ The Honedge made a face at that, well as much as a Honedge could make a face that is. Judging from the slightly frustrated face Shirou is now making, it's clear that he's trying to name it after swords of legends. Only as you can see, it's not going that well. ]

There has to be at least one name that you liked.

[ As Shirou starts rambling off more sword names, it's clear that the Honedge realized that it's being recorded and gave what amounts to a 'help me' look at the camera before the feed cuts off.

Uh... ]
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[Video; New Bark Town]
[ While it's easy to just go along with his 'mother', it didn't help Shirou from feeling completely confused over his current situation. Given a Pokéball and a packed lunch that seemed decent, the only thing he could do is to just rummage through the last thing given to him: his all new backpack.

Finding a watch that's supposed to be a communicator, well, at least it seemed a bit too advanced and expensive for it to just be a watch, he's going to just turn it on. ]

Testing, testing, is this thing recording?

[ From the light that shone, and how the feed then shows Shirou looking a bit confusedly at it. ]

Oh, it is, great. Uh, anyways, to anyone that finds this, this is probably the best prank you could do, Makidera. I give. I know you're really into this video game business, but did you really have to get the song down to the beeps and bloops? It's kind of embarrassing, really.

[ Someone hasn't realized that it's broadcasting everywhere, and this person hasn't even found out about his Pokémon yet. Please help this confused guy, Johto. ]

But yeah, you guys can come out and laugh at me anytime, now. I won't be mad, promise.

{ SMH. ]


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